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How about
paying less
for the
same products?

Project Management

We follow you through your projects and offer you alternatives regarding your needs. Our job is to lower your expenses, higher your expectations.

7/24 Support

We can provide you various brands. We give lifetime warranty and we are 7/24 by your side.


Our respect to our work and ethics keeps us one step ahead.Throughout your project, we will guide you with all transparency from project decisions to shipping of equipments. What you see is what you get.

Buy & Sell
Networking Equipment

We are very active in the market daily which means we also do buy back. We test every single unit in our premises and ship every unit with warranty. Router, switch or module SFP? Let us deliver you all your needs.

Our purpose of being is to supply all your networking needs with our value-added portfolio. All our departments are dedicated to deliver the quality with the quantity. Our lead time is between 2 to 5 working days within whole Europe.

Our History

Years of experience through working in various datacenter projects and brokering in the global market brought us here today. Now we have been active for over 9 years and offering various solutions for your projects. We learnt a lot during this journey and now we are capable of supplying you all your new and refurbished networking equipment requirements.

See What Our Client Say About Us?

"We operate in a mission critical datacenter environment, where we require top quality equipment. Networkser is our partner when I comes to network equipment and server appliances, they never let us down."


"We rely heavily on a vendor who know the world of international logistics, our trusted partner is Networkser. There’s been multiple occasion where we had to rush equipment into Africa and they made it happen for us."

Ivory Coast

“We consider Networkser services to be exemplary as they provide high quality goods and customer care. We need this to succeed in today’s competitive market especially in Europe.”


"Our partnership started over 5 years ago with a single network switch purchase, these days Networkser covers all our hardware demands, no matter if it’s just a small optics module, or a complete overhaul of one of our core routers. Always delivering on time, Networkser helps us to be cost effective since we don’t have to carry any stock. I’m extremely happy with the level of services provided.”