The Power of Networkser

The strength of our organization lies in our knowledge, quality and craftsmanship. We make a difference in your projects and relieve burden of our valued customers.

Networkser is a major player in data and energy infrastructures. We assist our clients in the design, implementation and maintenance of data, energy, infrastructure, industrial building installations. With a team of interconnected professionals and experts, we continue to optimize and improve our processes to ensure quality and safety in our projects.


Our Mission and Vision

The mission of our organization is to provide high quality services in the field of data, energy and underground infrastructures in cooperation with our customers. In addition, it is to provide an attractive working environment for both our employees and our customers.

Monitoring and improving quality, safety and service is a natural part of our daily work.

We are in favor of a transparent way of doing business, where our customers experience good and fast help. To guarantee the quality and safety of our services, we adhere to the following motto:


“Quality is our core value”.



Our industry is on the eve of a major transformation. We are ready to work together with our employees to be the world of tomorrow. At Networkser we work not only for today, but also for building the future.

As an organization, we believe in a living environment where quality of life is central. We know that quality of life is about the people behind our projects.

As an organization, we want to enter into this mutually beneficial cooperation and make a positive contribution to judgment by ensuring present and future quality of life.


Our strategies focus on five elements:

Customer focused business model

Our business model is shaped according to the needs of our customers. We continue to focus on our core competencies by sharing our knowledge and expertise with the people in the project group. We believe transparency and collaboration are key to achieving the best results.


Human Centered

Our employees form the basis of our organization. We want our employees to be safe, challenged, connected and happy. We want to be the employer of choice for our current and potential employees. We offer healthy working conditions and challenging jobs with the opportunity to grow on a professional and personal level. We do this by focusing on leadership through continuous employee development and transparent collaboration.


Operational Excellence

We aim to be the best organization in the field of data and energy infrastructures. We achieve this through the continuous development of our organization, the continuous improvement of systems and processes, and the knowledge of the entire group. This will create a resilient, learning organization that adapts to an ever-changing environment so that we can pass on a stronger and more sustainable company to future generations.


Digitization and Development

To be a pioneer in the field of digitalization and innovation, for this; We want to ensure efficient, secure data flow and put these developments at the center of our business activities. Therefore, we actively promote the development and marketing of innovation.


Safety, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to do our business in a way that is as safe, sustainable and responsible as possible for society and the environment. Sustainability is an important part of our business strategy. We adapt our corporate and social responsibility standards accordingly.